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Jollyfish hat

Jollyfish hat

John the Geologist is a full member in good standing of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM). So I made him this hat. Knit it for your favorite Pastafarian. Knit it to encourage the piracy that will stop global warming, save our planet. Give honor to His Noodliness.

Did the entire back of the hat in the same two x two checkerboard as you see in the bottom and top stripe. So the whole fish is faire isle, rather than intarsia. Lots of weaving for those long stretches. You can see some of that poke through, but after a year or so of wearing, really you don’t. This is a super-warm hat, as a result. And it doesn’t have as much stretch as most hats, so you’ll want to measure your target, swatch in two-color checkerboard, and cast on accordingly. Add checkers in back to make the hat the size you need.

Download Jollyfish knitting chart pdf file.

Note: I have provided only the chart, and should add that I made this in Dale of Norway Hauk, on size 4 needles. The hat I made is exactly 160 stitches around, and fit my target a little snugly, but he has a large melon. Sorry no actual complete hat pattern, just this chart and these hints. If I ever learn to write a proper pattern, I promise I’ll post it here, or if YOU write patterns and want to write one for this, I’d be thrilled!



  Daniel Morrison wrote @

Ah, a Jollyfish.

That makes me happy too.

  Emily wrote @

Very cool! I was planning a hat (in fair isle) with the FSM himself on it, but I rather like this idea instead.

  Andy McCartney wrote @

You have included enough information for a hat pattern here. All one needs is to have gauge because 160sts is required to do the graph twice. Any yarn and needle gauge that yields an 18 to 24″ circumference should fit teen to adult male vs female. Can work to fit when lining with the fleece since the lining has bulk. I got 24sts to approx 3+” on #1N’s and lots of stretch. With the yarn I used, I found K1P1 rib best at 144 sts and are often done 1″ long. Then the 16 sts are added on the first stockinette row by mathematical division: 144 divided by 16 (# sts needed) = 9….therefore *K8 inc around=160 for graph. Overall adult hat length is 8″L. Decreasing is almost always done every other row at this point using a divisor of 6,8, or 9. The count being 160, I would choose 8. First decrease round would be every 20 sts must yield 19 sts so *K18 K2tog around. K one round. Next dec round would be 17 then the dec, then 16, 15, etc. At 16 sts K2tog around=8…..pull yarn through to finish off. I had very thin yarn and #1 needles. After your 1″ of rib you will know your row gauge and can add the graph, and checker rows up to see how many plain black rows to fill in with to yield 8″ height. Thank you. Your hat is beautiful…..andyj

  Andy McCartney wrote @

A flat top is usually done by circular decreasing 6 sts per round every row. 156 is divisible by 6=26. Round one decrease the 4 sts…so [K 38 dec] x4=156. Next round *K24 dec around. Next round *K23 dec around. Continue to 22,21, 20, etc until 12 sts then dec around=6 sts and finish off.

  jujuridl wrote @

Thank you so much, Andy. Sorry to be such a laggard getting this approved. Life intervenes! But I do love seeing these hats! Shine on jollyfishheads!

  Billy Blogger wrote @

Avast ye mateys it be a pirate fish!

[…] For the free pattern chart go to the knittingjuju site here. – Link. […]

  Jeni wrote @

This is awesome! I made the “we call them pirates” fair isle hat about a year ago. I. Must. Make. This. One. Too! Thanks for the chart!

[…] all the Pastafarians out there, here’s a spiffy jollyfish hat. Actually, anyone can make and wear it. You can never have too much piratitude in your […]

  Carola wrote @

Thanks for the pattern!
We love it – follow the link to my blog and you see my son with his “Piratenfisch-Mütze”



  jujuridl wrote @

Carola! Oliver looks great in that hat. Thanks for showing us. Good to see another warm Pirate.

  Ann wrote @

I love this hat were do I find the pattern? thanks

  NTLAP Day « knittingjuju wrote @

[…] Uncategorized It’s that blessed day. And to celebrate, I’d like to show off a few Jollyfish Hats that have been showing up around the globe as devoted FSMrs, pastafarians, or just people who like […]

  maggie covey/DKG wrote @

I love the jollyfish hat and want to do one for my grandson for xmas. I managed to print the chart but am unable to find directions on yarn, size and needles. Is this something I am to work out myself or is there a pattern? Thanks for any help you can give me. Warmly Maggie in Ohio

  jujuridl wrote @

Hi maggie. I posted some more on this post, just to say I cast on 160 stitches, working in Dalegarn Hauk on size 4 needles. But no actual pattern, sorry. I kind of made it up as I went along, but for the chart. Think I decreased fast at the top at both ends of all four needles to make a flatish top. Worked the top in all dark grey, the rest is all stranded. Does that help?

  Rodney wrote @

I seen this, and I just really need to make this. Is it possible to send the pattern chart to my email address I tried to open the chart, but it says that it is damaged and can not be opened. I would really appreciate it. My son wants it so he will look good while snowboarding. I like it, because it is something cool to wear when I go ice fishing.

  Mützen 2007 « das Web als Online Handarbeitsbuch wrote @

[…] Jolly Fish Hat knittingjuju […]

  freie Anleitungen « das Web als Online Handarbeitsbuch wrote @

[…] finden sich ein paar sehr schöne freie Anleitungen auf englisch besonderns angetan bin ich vom jollyfish-hat aber auch jason-latvians oder peace-cuffs sind sehr schön. Außerdem findet sich noch eine […]

[…] above for lots of knitting patterns. But I have to show you this:  Julie of knittingjuju created a Jolly Fish hat. That be a free pattern […]

[…] is coming up pirates. I found a great hat for all ye land lubbers! The pattern can be found here! Enjoy your day and get your yARN on! […]

  ginger wrote @

I made a chart for jolly fish that you may like please email an i will sent it to you

[…] above for lots of knitting patterns. But I have to show you this:  Julie of knittingjuju created a Jolly Fish hat. That be a free pattern […]

  laurie wrote @

how do i get the pattern to the jolly fish? love that hat!

  jujuridl wrote @

Hi fishinchick! There isn’t an entire pattern, but head to the Jollyfish page (link on the front page of the blog, and click on the download link to get a copy of the chart. There are loose instructions for the hat that I knitted in the blog post, but I’m seeing even better hats done in double-knit, a technique I haven’t learned yet. Check out the Jollyfish Hat on Ravelry to see many interpretations and things knitted with the chart, even socks!

  Sara in WI wrote @

I believe that this type of knitting is Armenian and has nothing to do with Fair Isle knitting other than you are carrying 2 strands of yarn at a time. You can look this up at Schoolhouse Press who has published a book of Armenian Knitting by Joyce Williams. Then compare it to the true traditions of Fair Isle Knitting. I do love the hat and wish that I had someone that would wear it! Nice job!

  jujuridl wrote @

Thanks, Sara. I meant to correct this after attending camp and hearing Joyce talk about her book and hearing her talk/seeing her work. But haven’t kept up. Better to have your correction and note anyway. I’ll only add the link to the book for people interested in finding it. Follow this link, scroll down to find Armenian Knitting by Joyce Williams for help knitting stand-alone double-stranded designs.

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