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Archive for March 30, 2007

Noro Kureyon Sweater WIP

Noro Kureyon Sweater WIP

And here it is so far. Back, fronts, one sleeve done, the other coming. Went with provisional cast on so I could put the bottom band on in one run. The cable swatch I have there is just to give you the idea of how those four-inch cable button bands, edgings, and cuffs and collar will come out in the end. My heart is in my throat at this point. I’m finishing my second sleeve, will cast on for the button bands next, then do the collar, sew the sleeves and side seams, and finish with the bottom band.


Noro Kureyon Sweater Idea

Noro Kureyon Sweater Idea

I’m taking a finishing class through the knitting guild. It’s an involved, four-month-long class wherein we knit a lot of little samples as we practice various seams and pickups and collars and sleeves and increases and decreases, oh my. The final project is a finished Cardigan. Well. I had all this Noro and no pattern that I loved, so I pulled up the Sweater Wizard, and the graph paper, and am doing this thing here. This is the concept….