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Cartridge-Belt Rib

cartridge-rib belt

Just a quick extra note about cartridge-belt rib, a wonderful stitch pattern by Barbara Walker from her second treasury…

I’m working up a pair of socks for my girl in this pattern, and to get this pattern in the round, the stitch pattern is:

Row 1: K1, *sl1 wyif, K3, rep from *

Row 2: P3, *sl1 wyib, P3, rep from *

Will show off the socks when they start to look like something!


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  The old stand-bys | Leslie Ordal Fibre Arts wrote @

[…] Cartridge-belt rib is not a true rib, in that it doesn’t have horizontal elasticity, but its vertical lines give it a strong resemblance to other forms of ribbing. I like this stitch pattern because it’s soft, reversible, dense, and pretty gender-neutral. It’s made a few nice and warm scarves over the years. […]

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