Julie knits and writes and knits.

Should, would, could

I should be knitting socks. I should be working on that Noro cardigan. I should be knitting up swatches for the Walker Treasury project, but instead I’m swatching in some neglected rayon for a sweater-coat I’ve designed in my head because….

at the end of the week I’m headed to Stitches Camp to take a several-day-course with….

Lily Chin.

Yes I am. I am too. I really, really am.

Draping a pattern. That’s the class. Learning to drape a garment on a person or form, translate that to a flat pattern, and then knit what you imagine.

On a lake, near Asheville, North Carolina. God’s country.

Right. Over my head, most certainly. A complete reach, absolutely. And I can’t wait.

I really can’t wait. Yipes!


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  sally wrote @

yay for knitting camp! in north carolina! yayayayay! i think you’ll both have a marvelous time, and be a marvelous knitter of all manner of draped garments. 🙂 and please say hi to those lovely mountains for me, and, if you get a chance, that great bookstore, malaprops…

love you!

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