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Hazel sweater

Hazel sweater

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I’m two hours from Ashville, in a Super 8 in Kentucky, loading up Hazel’s sweater before I head on into Lily Chin world. I loved making this sweater, because the Habu bamboo yarn is just luscious. And washes well, and will likely wear like iron. I know, I know, a white baby sweater? But it’s so washable. And the mom will just paint or dye it if the white is too much. In the end, the sweater is more about the buttons, don’t you think? I could eat those buttons.

This is the kimono baby sweater from Interweave Knits natural knits for babies and moms, which is a lovely book. And proof that I can follow a pattern if I’m forced to. Get the pattern corrections from their website before taking on this one!

I’m concerned that those seams in bamboo (or cotton) won’t have enough give to be comfy for Hazel. Worry, worry. I think I’ll stick with Zimmerman’s seamless baby sweaters… but this was fun.


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  helle wrote @

That’s one stylish baby sweater.

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