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jack hattie aran

jack hattie aran

Originally uploaded by juju&jack.
Good grief. Somehow I missed writing about Jack’s Aran. I don’t know how. It’s my favorite project so far, a sweater I actually MISS knitting, I loved making it so much. A proper top-down Aran in British Breeds wool. I knit it almost entirely in the round, steeked the armholes. My first adult sweater, and I like to borrow it. I’ll have to make one for myself, because I borrow it too often.

This one’s completely inspired by Elizabeth Zimmerman’s books. The courage to make up my own pattern (borrowing stitch patterns from Elsebeth Lavold’s Viking Knits book), steeking, using good wool. And of course working out the stitch counts… all using her recipe for sweaters in the round. It’s amazing how much I didn’t know when I did this. I lucked out in a lot of ways, I realize. But also, I didn’t overthink it. I just knew I had to knit until I got to the end of Jack’s shoulders, to the end of his armpits, then his wrists, then keep going until it was long enough. Achh! I miss making this. I better do it again!



  Jen wrote @

Very nice! Steeked the armholes–impressive. I like the color choice, too.

  Sheri wrote @

I love the sweater. Great job! It is beautiful.
Sheri in GA

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