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Knitpicks dpns

I’m a much happier camper today. I had been struggling with my sock knitting lately, without understanding why. Eyestrain or just a new posture, something was getting in my way as I worked on a pair of socks for my daughter. Granted, I’m working on size 0 needles, but that’s pretty normal for socks. I was using two circs, addi’s with long tips. I should have been fine with that.

Then I remembered that I’d ordered a set of Knitpicks double-pointed needles. I’d completely forgotten, and didn’t remember the size, but they turned out to be 0’s indeed. I switched needles. Mid-sock. I know. I know. Dangerous stuff.

Oh what a huge difference these tips make for me. I would have never guessed. Like Addi circs, they are nickel plated, slick as can be, but unlike Addis at that gauge, they have a long, long taper, with a fine point. Great for digging those itty bitty stitches off when you’re working a tight sock.

I’m flying over the second sock, much more comfortable. Also the 0’s are just 6 inches long, which is just right for sock knitting, at least for me. They are not so much in the way. If you knit loose, you’ll hate these, because they’ll fall right out on you. But if, like me, your stitches tend to snug your needles, and you break wooden needles under a size 3, then these are divine. Really. I’m going back to get some more sizes now.

And I’ll also get more of the handy stitch keepers (scroll to the bottom of their page for the ordering info) I got from the lovely Mannings when I went to Stitches Camp (more on that coming, coming), and love them wildly. Simple soft plastic cups sized to hold several sizes of needles with a little elastic between them. Just hold all four or five of your DPNs while you’re taking a break from your knitting. Easy enough to make these, I expect, but I won’t get around to it.



  marti wrote @

I love the knit picks dpn’s. Another plus is that I don’t tend to bend them as much either!

  Monika wrote @

This has nothing to do with your post. I just looked around and found only wonderful knitting! ;o)

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