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Lace and Jitterbug are my new crack

Lace is like crack

Originally uploaded by juju&jack
Been meaning for a long time to try lacework, and here is my first attempt. Not THAT lacy, and a super easy pattern to get into my head, unlike the lace I aspire to some day. This is the shawl from Victorian Lace Today, in Colinette Jitterbug. Yes, I understand that lacework is shown at its best in solid colors, but I wanted this first attempt to forgive my mistakes a bit, and the color shifts here are likely to do that. Also, the effect is really nice, I have to say, because Colinette Jitterbug is… amazing. Amazing spring, amazing bounce, amazing twist, amazing colors. Love it. As much as Koigu. Seriously. More? Geeze. As much, certainly… dang. Colorway: Castagna. Size 6 needles. And the Victorian Lace book, with its wonderful photographs, charts, and clear patterns… a new addiction.


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