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Monkey socks

Monkey socks

Originally uploaded by juju&jack
Oh my. Monkey socks from are my first attempt at lace socks. Dang. They’re fun, easy, smart. I love these socks. Also my first time working with Interlacements Tiny Toes yarn, which has a really nice hand and twist and bounce like my beloved Koigu. The color changes are less subtle, more contrasty, and stripe more. So a different point of view and color sense than the artists at Koigu. Interesting. I don’t think I like it quite so much as I do Koigu, but it’s fun, and feels much the same. I’ll make a lot of Monkeys in lots of kinds of yarn, I’m sure. Not only are they interesting to look at, but this lace pattern is nearly cably in its desire to hug your ankle. I think I’d avoid blocking them. We’ll see how they wash. I went down a needle size to work these in size 1’s to fit my size 9 foot and rather thickish ankles.


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