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Much more evidence

This entry on today’s CRAFT blog provides much more evidence that I need to get back to crochet. I take exception with the idea that Bjork’s swan dress was a bad idea. I adored it, and this.

So I’m practicing with this little headwrap, and thinking of good ways to combine these crafts. I see it coming. Working on a little headband now to try to get my crochet mojo back…

Irish Lace Headband in progress


Happy Anniversary

24th Anniversary Socks

Mountain Colors Bearfoot

Size 1 needles

No pattern, knit to fit.

I drew and fussed with the stitch pattern until I got something I liked in this yarn. It’s so simple, it’s probably in one of the stitch dictionaries, or a million sock patterns, but I haven’t run into it yet. Essentially pointed stockinette blocks, whose tips overlap, right? I think I might do another pair with longer blocks. This inspired by our bath towels, which have a similar pattern.

These started out a year and a half ago as Happy Valentine socks. But it’s taken awhile to get them off the needles. It was another case of needles fighting yarn, and putting them down too long, causing the pattern to drain from my head. Not that it’s a hard stitch pattern, it most certainly isn’t, but other patterns occupied the tiny amount of pattern-remembering space in my brain, and well… But here they are, on Mr. High Arch man. Adorning his feet on the day after our 24th anniversary. I shouldn’t cover such lovely feet, but I do seem to do that a lot.

Jared’s BSJ all done

Oh it’s done and it’s even better than I’d hoped. And so tomorrow, 2pm Eastern, I’ll be hoping for something at Hello Yarn to feed the BSJ kick…

BSJs for twins

BSJs for twins

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When two of your favorite knit bloggers tell you to put up the BSJs already, you put them up. That’s all there is to it. So here they are, in progress. Elizabeth Zimmerman BSJs for twins. All but weaving in ends, seaming, buttons, collars, and pulling out all the dog and cat hair that’s been knitted right in. Thinking about socks or headgear to match. Maybe a cap for the boy, a kicky headband for the girl? Or just relax in their non-gender-specific-hues. Because what century are we in, after all?

I love the Koigu solids. Because they aren’t solid, but deep and watery. I don’t often find them, but found these (and a green and a taupe that taunt me from my stash…) at the Manning’s booth at Stitches camp. Hope to find them again in Chicago. Because I didn’t get enough, clearly.

BSJs from another angle

BSJs from another angle

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Oh Koigu, I wish I could quit you

Oh Koigu, I wish I could quit you

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BSJ from Heaven

Even as I delay weaving in the ends on the BSJs done in the watery solid Koigu yarns, which I’m making for the upcoming twins (minutes away, they are), the amazing BrooklynTweed is making the most staggering version. Handspun. The yarn was precious, the jacket will hurt our hearts with its lovliness. This one haunted me all day and forced me, FORCED ME to go to Threadbenders and buy more Koigu. I didn’t want to do it, but I had to. It was the only thing I COULD do, under the circumstances, not being a spinner myself. And maybe a little more Jitterbug fell into the bag. That might have happened. I’m not entirely sure. A Harlot trance. I stopped noticing after an hour of ransacking the store to find something like that man’s yarn and not finding it… Jones. And maybe some Bearfoot? Jones, jones, jones as I wait for the local fiber fest in August. Where mayhaps I’ll find something as gorgeous… Sigh.

…. Agggh! Wait! Brooklyntweed didn’t spin that yarn his own self, he got it from Hello Yarn, which means I can hope… maybe not get exactly the same yarn, but get in the neighborhood? Wish me luck, friends.