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Peacock Socks


Originally uploaded by juju&jack
For Carrie’s birthday. Koigu KPPPM, sigh, on Size 1’s, and the Embossed Leaves pattern from Interweave. I switched out the heel to fit Carrie’s narrow heel and short instep, but otherwise, the same sock. I knit these so fast, so in love with the yarn, and how it worked with this pattern, but loving the yarn itself. That family doesn’t just paint yarn, they make paintings on their yarn. Makes me feel a little guilty about making socks out of these paintings. Should we walk on the art? Hmm… I have given myself permission to buy Koigu whenever I see it and without guilt. It belongs in its own category, completely exempt from any rules governing your stash issues.



  beth wrote @

Then perhaps I should tell you (if you feel the need to be led unto temptation) that I was at Threadbender today and just happened to notice (and maybe even purchase some of) their lovely new(ish) shipment of Koigu?

  jujuridl wrote @

Beth! You Vixen! Dang. Well, I’m safe for a bit, up at Interlochen for a week. And not driving through GR on the way home, but come Monday, I’m not sure I can be held accountable for my behavior… Haven’t had a Threadbender bender in awhile. Scared. I’d ask you to go with me, but I have a funny feeling you wouldn’t restrain me.

  beth wrote @

No. I’m afraid you’re right. I’m more of an enabler in the yarn department.

  jacqui wrote @

You know how you get home from a great holiday and you look at your photos and you wish you had taken more? I feel that way about the koigu. Seven skeins is not nearly enough – there should have been much more! Go, shop, buy more koigu, I will enjoy vicariously.

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