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BSJ from Heaven

Even as I delay weaving in the ends on the BSJs done in the watery solid Koigu yarns, which I’m making for the upcoming twins (minutes away, they are), the amazing BrooklynTweed is making the most staggering version. Handspun. The yarn was precious, the jacket will hurt our hearts with its lovliness. This one haunted me all day and forced me, FORCED ME to go to Threadbenders and buy more Koigu. I didn’t want to do it, but I had to. It was the only thing I COULD do, under the circumstances, not being a spinner myself. And maybe a little more Jitterbug fell into the bag. That might have happened. I’m not entirely sure. A Harlot trance. I stopped noticing after an hour of ransacking the store to find something like that man’s yarn and not finding it… Jones. And maybe some Bearfoot? Jones, jones, jones as I wait for the local fiber fest in August. Where mayhaps I’ll find something as gorgeous… Sigh.

…. Agggh! Wait! Brooklyntweed didn’t spin that yarn his own self, he got it from Hello Yarn, which means I can hope… maybe not get exactly the same yarn, but get in the neighborhood? Wish me luck, friends.



  beth wrote @

Mu-wah-ha-ha-ha-ha! Pardon me while I cackle villainously over here. I mean, uh, so you found some irresistible things at Threadbender? Who’d have thunk?

  Adrian wrote @

Oh, it was you who emailed me about yarn? I had no idea. I love your knitting. I can’t find your email on here, but if you give me another shout, I’ll give you a different answer.

  Alice Schnebly wrote @

Can’t wait to see your BSJ, I have to say with all these gorgeous versions popping up around, I may need to make one too!

  jujuridl wrote @

Yes, Beth. Yes. You did this thing to me. But also, did you know that Hello Yarn has its new collection of handspun up on their site on Tuesday at 2pm? Servers willing, creek don’t rise, I’ll be ready for for Chapter 13 by Tuesday at 2:15.

Alice, hey Alice, you’re right, I should just put the BSJs up in progress. Those babies aren’t waiting for me. I’m casting on for matching baby socks, and thought I’d wait to be done, but why wait? I’ll work on that today.

  jacqui wrote @

BSJs in koigu… upcoming twins (I have some of them at home) … cant’ wait to see the pictures…and never ever feel bad about buying that koigu, it’s better than gold.

  beth wrote @

And I see turnabout is fair play. How right you are. How right you are. Do you think if we filed for bankruptcy together they’d give us a group discount?

  jujuridl wrote @

Beth, am all for legislation that projects knitters who have lost their homes due to stash spending.

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