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BSJs for twins

BSJs for twins

Originally uploaded by juju&jack

When two of your favorite knit bloggers tell you to put up the BSJs already, you put them up. That’s all there is to it. So here they are, in progress. Elizabeth Zimmerman BSJs for twins. All but weaving in ends, seaming, buttons, collars, and pulling out all the dog and cat hair that’s been knitted right in. Thinking about socks or headgear to match. Maybe a cap for the boy, a kicky headband for the girl? Or just relax in their non-gender-specific-hues. Because what century are we in, after all?

I love the Koigu solids. Because they aren’t solid, but deep and watery. I don’t often find them, but found these (and a green and a taupe that taunt me from my stash…) at the Manning’s booth at Stitches camp. Hope to find them again in Chicago. Because I didn’t get enough, clearly.



  Linda wrote @

Nice job! I’m hoping to begin my twin BSJs using Cider Moon Glacer this week. I’m planning to make this hat to match mine. I may even knit pants to match, if time allows. Hadn’t thought about booties…hmmm.

  tina wrote @

Fabulous! I love them. My last BSJ was ages ago and I really want to knit another but somehow it keeps traveling ‘down the list’.

I’ll be staying tuned to hear what accessories you decided to go with for the twins.

  jujuridl wrote @

Hi Linda and Tina. Linda, I love your choice. I had just enough yarn left over in the oatmeal and blue to do tiny little Zeebee hats for them. Am grafting up the blue now, and still finishing the jackets. Will post a photo soon!

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