Julie knits and writes and knits.

Happy Anniversary

24th Anniversary Socks

Mountain Colors Bearfoot

Size 1 needles

No pattern, knit to fit.

I drew and fussed with the stitch pattern until I got something I liked in this yarn. It’s so simple, it’s probably in one of the stitch dictionaries, or a million sock patterns, but I haven’t run into it yet. Essentially pointed stockinette blocks, whose tips overlap, right? I think I might do another pair with longer blocks. This inspired by our bath towels, which have a similar pattern.

These started out a year and a half ago as Happy Valentine socks. But it’s taken awhile to get them off the needles. It was another case of needles fighting yarn, and putting them down too long, causing the pattern to drain from my head. Not that it’s a hard stitch pattern, it most certainly isn’t, but other patterns occupied the tiny amount of pattern-remembering space in my brain, and well… But here they are, on Mr. High Arch man. Adorning his feet on the day after our 24th anniversary. I shouldn’t cover such lovely feet, but I do seem to do that a lot.



  Marsha wrote @

Happy anniversary! Those socks look terrific–what beautiful yarn, and the pattern highlights it nicely.

  jacqui wrote @

Lovely socks. I must say that I am mightily impressed that after twenty-four years together, you still have a tender thought for his feet. I hope you both enjoyed your anniversary.

  jujuridl wrote @

Thanks, Marsha. They’re very soft. he likes them a lot.

Jacqui, thanks. Well, but you should see the feet. They are inspirational. His whole family have them. Lovely. A few months ago, he succumbed to a toe ring. Simple, silver. I have a matching one. Kind of like a vow renewal.

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