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Ravelry Ahoy!

Oy. Just got my invitation to Ravelry. All projects will hit the skids while I go obsess over that for awhile. This is a huge, wonderful knitting community that will work so well to answer all your questions about yarns and projects and techniques and help us find and sort and browse and understand and shop. The next generation of social netwworking that’s really about something and built with a purpose in mind. So far, so brilliant. I’m just smitten.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do, and put your name in to to the queue for membership. They are adding members as fast as their servers will allow. Very smart. There are thousands and thousands of incredible knitters and bloggers on Ravelry already, and I’d tell you more, but I need to be working right now, and can’t spend one more minute. But I can see where my evenings and weekends will be headed…


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  cosymakes wrote @

i was very excited to see you there 🙂 now you should email them and tell them you’re a designer so i can queue those dpn protectors…

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