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‘nother zeebee

‘nother zeebee

Oh this is a fun and squisy hat, making the most of garter stitch in soft, soft Merino with a high twist. I like it. It’s warm. It covers my ears. I can see how this could become my main hat. A little more than one skein of Tahki Baby on size 15 needles for this one. I think I’ll have a nice little neck warmer from the rest. Wish me luck with that…



  beth wrote @

Oh, “luck,” of course! And I love, love, love the zeebee. And envy it just the teeniest little bit. How do you feel about giving garter stitch grafting lessons?

  jujuridl wrote @

You bet. And I have about 90 skeins of this yarn, love, if you like the pink. We could match…

  beth wrote @

90 skeins? We could be a pink Zeebee nation! Hmm. That doesn’t have quite the same ring, does it? Will you e-mail me about good times for grafting sessions? In the meantime, I shall have to do up my swatch!

  Alice wrote @

Man that thing looks squishy! I wish I could reach through my screen and touch it.

  thuy wrote @

when you said big wool, you weren’t kidding! it looks like you cast on ten stitches!

dare i hope for a garter stitch grafting tutorial?

  jujuridl wrote @

You know, the best tutorial is in Lucy Neatby’s Socks 2 DVD. The trick she does is instead of a normal provisional cast-on, she starts with a few rows of garter in a highly-contrasing color, and ends with a few rows in that color, then with no knitting needles around, she sews the graft by following the other-color stitch yarn. This makes more sense when you see the video, which is lovely, clear, and you get Neatby’s voice, which you could listen to all day long… I’ll try to post pics, but I can’t match the video… which ought to be in any knitter’s library… and makes a good item for your holiday wish list…

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