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Noro Cardigan WIP

Noro Cardigan WIP 1

Well, it’s coming right along, right along. Should have been done by now, of course, but this is me we’re talking about, and maybe a dozen projects have taken the spotlight between starting and now… Think we need big patch pockets on this baby, and quite a long hem of cables, which I have now cast on. Found the perfect buttons. Will post those when I’ve finished the buttonholes…



  Marsha wrote @

That “thunk” you just heard? It was me whacking my head on the floor after I slipped in a puddle of my own Homer Simpson-esque drool (“Noro cardigan…ahhhhh…”) that appeared after I read your post. Wow. You’ve put that fine yarn to good use here. I look forward to seeing the finished product.

  merete wrote @

thanks for your nice comments always on zimmermania. this sweater looks great. i love noro yarn. so entertaining to knit with and great inspiration for other colourwork.

  Ronni wrote @

when i googled Noro cardigan for ideas I never expected to see such a gorgeous sweater.
Excellent and inspiring.
Thank you!

  meryl wrote @

just LOVE this sweater sleeve cuffs and button band especially,
would it be possible buy this pattern? just love it

  jujuridl wrote @

Thanks so much you guys. Meryl, sorry, I don’t have a pattern. I worked this out mostly using SweaterWizard, stealing back two inches from each front center to make room for those big button bands. The collar is straight up from the neckline pickup, which is a bit of fancy footwork, picking up on both sides and knitting three rows, then joining them, to make a neat looking join when the collar flops open. Other than that, it’s as straightforward as it looks… Well, I used two balls of yarn to knit the back so the stripe depth would be about the same as for the fronts. After that it’s pretty straightforward…

  Elena wrote @

I love Noro, and your cardigan is absolutely splendid!

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