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I like fair isle. That much I’ve figured out. Love the gauge, love stranding at that gauge, love the traditional patterns.

But I really don’t like how this beige looks with the other colors. The beige will have to go. There will be some frogging. There will be some rethinking.

That was knitting that took me to Denver and back. Most of the time I worked on the Plain Grey, which WANTS to be knitted up.

This past weekend at the Michigan Fiber Festival, met Nancy of Marr Haven, doula to the Plain Grey. And drove by her farm to get a pic for the Mr., so he can see where his sweater was born. Overshot the farm and found a couple of Sandhill Cranes in the field just beyond. What a treat. Simply amazing, majestic, breathtaking. Flickr has my far-away photos of them. Such fun.


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  tina wrote @

You can go a couple of ways with the gray! First of all, LOVE the pattern, wonderful— and the colors are wonderful. The beige is either a nice counterpoint to the other colors happily dancing along in the sweater OR it is a wallflower that must be uninvited immediately. It all depends on the whole pain of frogging! No matter what, it is splendid and I can’t wait to watch it’s progress!

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