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Plain Gray Finished

Plain Gray Finished

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Finished! Some time ago, actually. But it was a painful finish, and I haven’t been ready to talk about it…

Okay some details… You may not remember my last post about this project, when I was thinking the arms were too tight, and I planned to rip the sweater back and the arms back to make them deeper… Right?

Well, I did. And reknit and finished it.

When I tried it on the man, we discovered that it just, just wasn’t working. I had to study and study lumply, pulling, strangly shaped thing for quite awhile as he modeled it in the blazing heat before I realized that the dimension that was all wrong was his shoulder width. Somehow I had measured his shoulders, and then did the math for not his actual 17-inch shoulders, but did the math for the 14-inch shoulders EZ says is average.  MY shoulders are 14 inches…  And I’m average, I guess.

Twice I knit the yoke of this sweater for a guy with 14-inch shoulders.

And it wasn’t until I ripped it back and knit it up a third time that it hit me: He maybe didn’t need deeper arms after all. The arms were tight because the shoulder dimension was off… So….

Yep. You got it. Ah, no I didn’t document all these sweater versions and ripping with more photographs, but I did tint the walls and ceilings with my language upon realizing my third set of mistakes.

And what I’d like you to know above all is that Zimmerman, if you CAN FOLLOW HER REALLY EASY DIRECTIONS, is and remains a genius. This sweater is lovely. It stretches all every which way, and this guy is just dying for the snow to start falling.

The Marr Haven? Soft and rough at the same time. A beautiful tweedy effect, and it really holds up well to ripping… Doh!

This whole long, 50-inch-chest sweater took just shy of 6 skeins. A very fast, very pleasurable knit. Very borrowable sweater…


Spring palette report

Who am I kidding, I’m not casting on for Christmas these days. I’m casting on for Spring. The Pantone report is in. Love the idea of lots of neutrals with these colors as accents. Hmmm…..

Arrgh some more!

Our old jollyfish has been honored among the scurviest of the scurvy, here:

Knittingjuju wants that booty bag. Oh yes…


It’s that blessed day. And to celebrate, I’d like to show off a few Jollyfish Hats that have been showing up around the globe as devoted FSMrs, pastafarians, or just people who like anorectic fish prepare their vestments for the coming of his noodliness.

Germany — The first hat to surface into our view is Carola-made, and featured here before, but bears repeating, here is Piratenfischmütze on Oliver:

We worry only that this pirate may post watch one day, in which case, perhaps, oh, never mind…

IRELAND — Rosknit brings us this beautiful example from Ireland, where the seas are rough and the pirates are rougher. For her grandson:

AFRICA — The Truly amazing, we bow before her, wicked geeky geologist Rockcosy’s DOUBLEKNITTED IN THE ROUND (horror!) Version. Yes, friends, she is reversible:

How can you not love the little white star at the top? Eh?

Keep up the good work, friends. The globe’s not going to cool off without you, and when it does, you’ll be ready.

Widdershins FO


I love my Tofutsie Widdershins. I knit these to fit, and kept thinking, “My, what enormous socks!” And thought I got my gauge wrong, and thought I’d miscalculated, and thought they would only fit a platypus. Then I tried them on. And they fit like, not a glove, but a well-fitting sock. Funny. The Tofutsie yarn is lovely and tweedy, but also has this very subtle tiger stripe to it. Can’t tell the colorway from the ballband, but lots of pinks.

Used the knit-off cast-off recommended for toe-up socks by Wendy. You knit two stitches in pattern, slip them to the left needle, then knit them together tbl. Knit another stitch in pattern, slip the two stitches from the right to the left needle, and knit tog tbl. Etc., all the way around. Very nice and stretchy and pretty for these two by two rib socks.

Groovy vegan-friendly stitch keepers!

Oh how wonderful. Veganknitter posted this wonderful tutorial for making dpn stitch keepers or point protectors, or project holders… we should decide what to call these.. out of pencil tops. So groovy. I’ve got a weekend project ahead of me…