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Noro Cardigan Blocking

Noro Cardigan Blocking

And it is done! Actually, it’s been all done but for the buttonhole finishing and end-weaving, and just sitting there in its bag for, oh, a couple of weeks now… It should be dry in the morning. And tomorrow? Temps should reach the upper 80s….

But I’m headed to Maine for a few days, where it ought to be cool enough to climb into this for a photo. Will post again then…



  Ewe-niss wrote @

Congratulations! It is beautiful!!!!!! I know – it is October for Pete’s sake. Yet, I will be whining too soon about how cold it is. (Over the years my temperature variance threshold seems to narrow.:-)

  tina wrote @

Love-ly!!!! I wish my Noro wip were a fo but that shall come soon enough. Okay, not soon enough but I’ll move past that!

Was it your first knit with Noro? And how are you feeling apres Noro???? I ask b/c I’m not sure if I would actually be in a hurry to knit with it again.

Inquiring minds and all!

  Marsha wrote @

Absolutely beautiful! I’m sure it will look great on you!

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