Julie knits and writes and knits.

Noro Cardigan FO

Here was the idea….

And here it is all finished and keeping me warm:

And here I am pretending I don’t know my photo is being taken..

Things I learned in designing this sweater:

*My shoulders are not as wide as I imagine them to be. I’ll use my actual shoulder measurements next time, not measurements from sweaters that already fit around my hips.

* Fitted sleeves matter to me.

* Think through the wearing of the sweater, and not just the aesthetics. I will have pockets in my next jacket. And maybe in this one too, except I don’t think the Noro can handle pockets.

*Noro Kureyon is soft, and gets a lot softer and more drapey after blocking. Also it lengthens with blocking. And maybe also with wear.  It is, perhaps, not an appropriate yarn all by itself for a jacket. Or any heavy structural thing. Think light and squishy stuff for this yarn. But nevertheless, this jacket is lots of fun to wear.

*I languished in the making of this sweater in part because the palette is so strong. During certain seasons of the year, I could not imagine myself wearing it, and so lost interest in it. Of course, as soon as the leaves started to turn, I NEEDED the sweater. I’m not sure what the lesson is here… trust my instincts? Stretch a little? Or stick to safe colors for projects with a heavy investment. Or maybe I haven’t learned a thing. That is always possible.

*I ALWAYS overestimate the amount of yarn I need for a project. In this case, I have more than enough yarn left to make another of these sweaters, along with hats and scarves to match. Anybody feel like a trade?

*Sweaterwizard is okay software for getting a pattern started and estimating yarn (which I did after purchasing the yarn), but has too many limitations for me. I’m trying out the Cochenille suite one of these days, and will let you know what I think. I think I’ll love it, since it came recommended from hot knit designers…

*Learning little tricks from great knitters is a worthy lifelong pursuit. Especially finishing tricks. Thanks so much to my teachers for this sweater, Dixie, and Maureen.

And I’m back to the fair isle vest I frogged enroute to Stonington, where it is raining and grey and foggy,  just the way I like my Maine seashore…



  cosymakes wrote @

that looks fabulous and warm! great job.

  thuy wrote @

you look absolutely adorable in that coat. and those glasses!

i would like to visit you in maine.

fitted sleeves matter to me, too. very much so.

perhaps pockets along the side seams?

what color kureyon is this yarn?

  Peggy wrote @

It’s lovely. I love the cozy buttoned up collar. A warm neck matters to me- as well as fitted shoulders.
Beautiful. The colors are so wonderful.
What would you be looking for for a swap?

  tina wrote @

It is YUMMY—- I love it! CONGRATS, adorable!!!! Having knit the Noro, do you remain a fan?

  Marina wrote @

I want one like that! It looks gorgeous!

  Ronni wrote @

Hi Julie, Looks wonderful!
You did a great job and looks like such a favorite wearable sweater.

  Vicki wrote @

Loverly! Jim, looking at the screen, commented on your color choice (Look, Honey! All your favorite colors!) Beware…he knows many cop shop tricks!

I must get something to clean my keyboard:
I am adrool with envy! You also look like a
12-yr.old curtsying in delight!

  Peggy wrote @

I saw someone in my LYS today with a similar long jacket that reminded me of this. And now having seen 2 sweaters of this type I really think I must make one!
So pretty!

  rachelthepeach wrote @

oh my goodness! so stylish and chic! and it looks rather warm as well. i love bright colors in the winter…it reminds me of warmer days… 🙂

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