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Hooked on fair isle

Hooked on fair isleOriginally uploaded by juju&jackPardon the terrible phone photo, but wanted to share what I’ve been doing on vacation. Frogged my start at this to eliminate a pinky beige that did not play well with other colors. Using Nancy’s knit knacks Digit yarns I’ve had stashed for more latvian mitts to try out some Starmore charts just to see if I would enjoy the process. On boy I’m hooked. Will be stocking up on the J&S now. So much to learn….



  Kent wrote @

Even in a tiny phone photo, it looks beautiful!

Can’t wait to see more 🙂


  Marina wrote @


I recently realized that Digit is Jaggerspun in small lots. How is it to knit?

  tina wrote @

Very Yummy indeed.

Get Knittin’!

  merete wrote @

oh yeah it is as elizabeth says somewhere like painting with wool. i have a whole box of different colours alpaca to inspire. i only wish i could focus as well. well i wish i was a stay at home mum without children but boatloads of knitting time. hoho. right now i am by the way going all piratey.

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