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Momma loves her new software

I knew I wouldn’t get much further on the little fair isle sampler vest until I got out and loaded and learned the Cochenille knitting software I’ve been sitting on for a couple of months. Tonight was my night. Amazingly easy to use, with much learning still to do, I plunged ahead to grid out the little vest so I could get back to work on it. So glad I did. It will still require some fudging about, since the vest is worked in the round, but I’ll fix the chart as I go and then upload the finals. Just having the palette and grid in front of me helped me plan out the finish of this little guy, avoiding all sorts of problems I would have had if I’d kept winging it…



  greta wrote @

silly question, but is this MAC compatible?
If so, I’m rushing right out to buy it.
Thanks for sharing the process!

  jujuridl wrote @

NOT a silly question. I use it on my mac at home. Their website is a little bit kludgy, but you can find what you need to know about hardware compatibility there, or the people who answer the phone are very helpful/knowledgeable. I WISH the software could do even more, but it’s the best I’ve found so far, and recommended to me by Lily Chin, who uses it every day… To get to this little pattern, I used garment designer, which can generate a pixel-per-stitch image I imported into Stitch Painter (that is, I purchased these two software packages). NOT cheap, but considering how much I like to knit and like to make up my own projects, certainly worth it for me…

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