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Pinkie Blankie In Progress

(Pudgy beaglish guy added for Scale)

Download Julie’s Pinkie Blankie pattern. (If clicking the link doesn’t work for you, try right-clicking and “saving link as” to put the file somewhere on your machine where you will find it again.)

Okay, the story behind Pinkie Blankie is this…

I had a security blanket when I was a little girl. Its name was pinkie blankie. It was a wool bit of a blanket, with satin edges. And I hung onto it for a very long time. A Very. Long. Time. When I was 8, and Pinkie Blankie wasn’t very pink any more, and we were preparing to move overseas, Pinkie Blankie… disappeared.

The story told in my family is that Richard Jason, the hateful and hated bully who lived next door, stole Pinkie Blankie and threw it into Glen Creek. It floated away, probably to the ocean. Anyway, it was gone forever.

Have I mentioned that my mother was a great fictionalist? A fictionalizer? A fabulist? Someone who used fictional devices to effect change in her family? She was a gifted liar. Always for good reason. For instance, there is the portrait of a Chinese mandarin, which hung in every house we ever lived in, who, mom claimed, was our great-great-great-great grandfather. She said later she lied so that we would never be prejudiced. Not bad, eh? It is unnerving, however, to know that most of our family history may be fabricated. We have no idea, actually, who we are, or what is true. But we are comfortable with mystery.

It wasn’t until I began, a few weeks ago, to think about a security blanket for a friend of mine, and stumbled over the large stash of pink Tahki I’ve been sitting on (which reminded me of this amazing gift of knitting)and put these things together, that I even remembered my Pinkie Blankie. And then began to wonder about the Richard Jason incident. How did he get into our house, upstairs to my room, steal my blankie, remove himself from the house, head a block away up the road to the creek, and throw it in, all without anyone noticing?

And it wasn’t his style. He was capable of terrible things, much worse, in fact, but he enjoyed torturing each of us in person. He wanted to read the humiliation in our eyes. This secret swiping of the blanket just didn’t add up. And that my mother delivered the news? How would she be the one to know? As somebody’s mother, she would be the last to know. The very last.

And the timing… just as we were going through a great purge in preparation for a move overseas… and my age. And… well… I think I’ve been blaming the wrong person for Pinkie Blankie’s demise for, oh, 40 years.

Mom’s gone. Pinkie Blankie’s gone. I will never know the truth. But I can raise Pinkie Blankie from the ashes. Maybe several, given how much of this yarn I have in my silly-big stash. The first will go to a friend who needs it even more than I do. The second may go straight into the creek I now live on, to float out into Lake Michigan, where my mother’s ashes rest. I’d like to let her know I’m on to her, finally.

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Panting toward a disappearing finish line…

Yes, it’s been awfully quiet here. So much to share. But… I…. just… can’t… yet.

Not that there’s all that MUCH holiday knitting going on. In fact, much procrastination. Very much. But meantime some good fun with my Stitch Painter. With it painted this:

Which is the basis for two gift projects, whose presence will be felt here after December 25… Though neither will actually be FINISHED… ahem. If you notice a remarkable similarity to Cherry Leaf shawl from Victorian Lace Today, you’d be right. The stitch pattern is the same, but all squared up.

(You would not believe how long it took me to figure out how to cut the pattern in half at the sides. I am THAT slow.. actually.)

Anyhoo, two projects, one in super bulky, and the other in, what else? Koigu. I have this pattern stuck in my head, so I might as well enjoy it, right? Would make a great baby blanket in a nice superwash worsted weight, methinks. Full pattern and story behind the name (Pinkie Blankie) coming soon… I double pinkie swear… Meantime, if you just can’t wait to knit off the chart, a nice big downloadable version is available at Flickr right this minute, along with a copy of the repeat and a symbol decoder.

Happy everything to you and yours!


Hey, did you catch Yarn Harlot in the Times today? Her verb “to kinnear” has been recorded in the nation’s newspaper. She’s our Shakespeare.