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Caution: Big Thoughts

Okay, now, if you don’t like feminism, or don’t like strong opinions, then please don’t read this. But if you’re open to listening to really strong arguments, here are a bunch of them, a history lesson or two, a clear voice. I’m passing it along, because it shamed me into thinking harder. So I thought it should be shared. I’m still undecided, but maybe thinking more clearly…


Ravelry Pinkie

Hey Ravelers… You can download the pattern in, too. Or save it in your library… Queue it. Love it up. Thanks for your interest.

Oh Dang…

Check out this work Then call in sick, ransack the stash, find your hooks, and try, try, try….

Pinkie Blockie

Well Pinkie Blankie (get the story behind the pattern here) is all done and blocked and ready to go to its new home. And I finished up the pattern (if clicking on this link doesn’t do anything, try right-clicking and choosing “save link as” to save the PDF document some place on your computer), including clever little details like finished measurements and stuff that the more curious of you have been asking for. And some pics. Because who doesn’t love pics? I’ll show you the scarf based on this pattern when it’s done and draped around its owner. Am about half finished with that. More to post soon. I have a very serious case of cast-on-itis, but no finish-philia rising…

Download Pinkie Blankie Pattern PDF