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Pinkie Blockie

Well Pinkie Blankie (get the story behind the pattern here) is all done and blocked and ready to go to its new home. And I finished up the pattern (if clicking on this link doesn’t do anything, try right-clicking and choosing “save link as” to save the PDF document some place on your computer), including clever little details like finished measurements and stuff that the more curious of you have been asking for. And some pics. Because who doesn’t love pics? I’ll show you the scarf based on this pattern when it’s done and draped around its owner. Am about half finished with that. More to post soon. I have a very serious case of cast-on-itis, but no finish-philia rising…

Download Pinkie Blankie Pattern PDF



  Marsha wrote @

Absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait to see what you do next.

  Ewe-niss wrote @

luverly. 🙂

  anne wrote @

uh-oh! adobe reader tells me “the file is damaged and cannot be repaired” when I try to open the link to the pattern pdf. maybe because so many people saw the link on the Craft blog and wanted your pattern?

  anne wrote @

uh, I was able to download the file just fine and then open it with Foxit PDF reader, so you can disregard my other panicked comment. maybe my adobe reader is just broken.
this blankie is very beautiful.

  WeeBit Wonky wrote @

So pretty! Thank you for being so generous!

  jujuridl wrote @

Hi Anne, thanks for reporting. I think you’ve got a point about the lovely traffic from Craft. But I just downloaded the honking big (pictures!) file, and opened it, and it did okay. Meantime, I’m sending you one without pics that isn’t quite such a burdensome download.


[…] Julie of Knittingjuju made up this pattern for an easy to knit security blanket called Pinkie Blankie. You can download the pattern in a PDF here. Link. […]

  Penny wrote @

Oh It is Just Beautiful.. Thank You for sharing the pattern 🙂

  StoryTeller wrote @

Julie you do marvelous work — a beauty of a ghan.

  Needle Exchange » Saturday, Pattern Day #32 wrote @

[…] love this blanket, but the blog itself is really weird. There’s twice as much space devoted to navigation as […]

  Emily S. wrote @

That chair is positively awesome.

And your blanket too! 😉

  Alice wrote @

Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing this awesome design. 🙂

  Beverly wrote @

Any chance you have the pattern in “written” form rather than charted?

  jujuridl wrote @

Hey Beverly, thanks for stopping by. No, I haven’t tried to write the pattern out, and wouldn’t trust myself to do it, because written out patterns make my head hurt… But here is a really nice tutorial on reading lace charts by Cat at Let’s Knit2gether. You can find it on youtube here:

  Monique wrote @

I decided to try a lace project and came across your pattern. I do have a question. The written pattern states to work 10 rows and bind off. Does this mean that you attach this piece once the center is finished? Do I also do this for the top?

  jujuridl wrote @

Hi Monique! Thanks for considering Pinkie Blankie for your first lace project! I hope you like it. You may want to try the pattern out with some scrap yarn first to make sure you like it before investing in a whole blanket’s investment in yarn! But it is a simple pattern for lace, and you’ll know soon if lace hooks you.

Your question… the pattern can be deceptive, but it’s much easier than you think. The chart gives you then entire blanket. I simply describe the knitting in the pattern notes to let you know that you start and finish the blanket with garter rows, and suggest a knitted bindoff for the project. But no, there is no joining or “knitting on” as for many lace projects.

I hope it works for you!

  Kyla Quinlan, Knitting for Charity wrote @

That is an absolutely beautiful baby blanket. I find lace to be a very difficult yarn to work with. This does look like a good project to re-try working with lace.

  Anna wrote @

Hey! I love this pattern by the way, but i was looking at it and had a question about it.. i dont want to criticize because I am a noob at quilting, but i was trying to do this pattern and i realized that at the 13th row (starting from the bottom) it asks to double a stitch in about 10 places, but by the time i get to the end of that row, i dont have enough stitches to complete the end design of that row.. could you please explain this to mee 🙂 Thanks!

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