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Caution: Big Thoughts

Okay, now, if you don’t like feminism, or don’t like strong opinions, then please don’t read this. But if you’re open to listening to really strong arguments, here are a bunch of them, a history lesson or two, a clear voice. I’m passing it along, because it shamed me into thinking harder. So I thought it should be shared. I’m still undecided, but maybe thinking more clearly…



  Laura wrote @

Thanks for pointing out the article. I’ve been angry and saddened, this campaign season, to see how insidious the misogyny out there still is. Worst of all, I think a lot of people don’t even realize they’re taking part in it.

  tina wrote @

There is nothing wrong after all about thinking good and hard! If more people actually engaged their brain think of what a lovely place the world could be! Thanks for the link, as always you serve to inspire in many ways!

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