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Bad Blogger catching up

Bad blogger, bad blogger, bad blogger. I won’t make excuses. There has been knitting. Plenty. And I’ve been *thinking* of making a record of it. But it takes having pressing deadlines at work and a looming income tax deadline to really give me the procrastinator’s push to spend my time blogging about knitting instead of meeting deadlines. Makes sense, right?

So a fast roundup of progress shots, many of them fuzzy, and then I swear I’m going to post about the adorable twins and their tomtens. Soon, soon.

I have too many projects going. Have had. For some time now. And so I’m determined to get them off the needles, or many of them, anyway, before I cast on this, which has been calling to me for ages now. Doesn’t help that my friend Lorilee cast one on and off in about a minute and a half last month. Still, it’s going to be so good. I know it. A good reward for finishing some stuff. So it’ll have to wait.

I finished these socks, which still strike me as a waste of Koigu, but I never worked up the gumption to frog them and do something more Koigu-worthy. They are comfortable, and handmade, and mine. And off the needles.

Started and finished ANOTHER zeebee one evening when I was feeling put out about my rule of not casting anything new on until I finished other things. Sorry for the fuzz photo. The yarn is a scrumptions hand-spun collected during a Hello Yarn spree awhile back. Take my word for its beauty. The sort of yarn you can fall into, get lost in.

Another project I started after vowing, profoundly, not to start another, is a new take on my ipod mittens, which I now think of as iPhone mittens (hee!), this time with a gussetted thumb and the prettiest Regia sock yarn… again a fuzzy mess of a photo, but a better photo shoot is coming…

Here’s a project I started BEFORE the boycott. It’s the Vogue anniversary scarf by Nicki Epstein, which I thought would be a challenge for me, but turns out to be so darn easy it’s deadly dull. This is meeting knitting, but not quite mindless enough to be TV knitting. And I knit in so few meetings that… it’s taking awhile…

Now here’s some juice, though, on three projects I’ve designed and feel enough love for that they’re taking too long just because I spend a fair amount of time just petting them…

Here is Shoddy, my daughter’s mohair t-shirt. Nearly done. We need to decide how to treat the neckline, whether to keep the funnel I’ve knitted or cut it down into a scoop, or go bateau, or what. Mohair will let you decide. Here’s the Shoddy Flickr set that will let you see the work in progress…

I started this little guy a good while ago to see how I felt about Fair Isle in a more traditional Shetland wool… Also to play with my new Cochenille software. I feel good about both. Quite good. We’re nearly close on this. A bit under motivated, because I’ll miss it when it’s gone, and because the little man it was intended for has outgrown it. Sigh. Flickr set here.

And the Peacefleece Tunic has been seriously languishing, but I have no idea why. Why? I suspect it’s because of the little vest. I like working color at that smaller gauge a whole lot better than with big, clunky yarn. When the color work is done, and I can proceed with a nice mindless bunch of in-the-round knitting, I’m sure it’ll go pretty fast…

Ummm… oh, there is another scarf, er.. two, that haven’t made it under a camera’s lens… Now the question… How many of these things must I finish before getting to the Hemlock? Hmm? Anyone?


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  thuy wrote @

1. you may have knit more zeebees than i ever did.

2. i vote for a bateau neck line.

3. cast on for the hemlock right away! life is too short for postponements.

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