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Fitting Shoddy

See how much I don’t want to prep taxes? Three posts in 24 hours. That’s how much. And then whooping cranes flew over my house. Am I supposed to file papers when that’s going on? And then the girl stopped by for a fitting:

I’m making her hold her arms like that because the sleeves aren’t sewn yet. Those Zimmermanesque saddle shoulders are perfect. The provisional cast on threads will all be hems. But first, we were looking for the right neckline. We think this is basically it. Sort of a bateau. Bateauish.

All the open holes in Shoddy will show when she wears something dark under it. We’ll have a shoot when it’s all done. but this is a step in the right direction… Now I have to figure out how to finish that neck… Pick up stitches along the new line, yes. Trim back anything extraneous, of course. Knit the hem out. But a proper turning ridge? Should I do a turning ridge? Just press and hem? Hmm… Back to the swatches for some expermenting. Any advice, anyone?



  thuy wrote @

bateau, all right! it is looking lovely.

by ridge do you mean one row of purl? i have never knit a hem without it so i wouldn’t be able to suggest fairly one way or another.

  tina wrote @

I am crazy about the neckline—– fab!

I like the idea of knitting a turning ridge, keeping the neckline very simple, and having just a simple hem would keep it softly deconstructed I think.

  rams wrote @

Yep, purled turning ridge.

  Helena wrote @

I love the neckline the way it is. I wouldn’t add anything to it. I also like its soft curve.

Theoretically, you could iron it flat if you wanted. Mohair is very obedient when faced with a steam iron lightly hovering over it.

  Mr. Tweed « knittingjuju wrote @

[…] between classtimes, I finished Shoddy! There I was, all by myself as I stitched down the last hem stitch, grinning like an idiot, and a […]

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