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Hemlock Ring Blanket Finished

Hemlock Ring Blanket Finished

Originally uploaded by jujuridl

Yay. This was just so addicitively lovely. I did not follow BrooklynTweed’s yarn and needle recommendation, but made a 36″ wide blanket using Marr Haven sport weight yarn on size 7 needles. That yarn feels a bit rough when you’re working it, but blocks out so softly, that I might just give the rest of that yarn a wash before working with it again. I used less than half a spool, and will weigh out the blanket once it’s fully dry.

The only harrowing bit of making this is becoming convinced that the strange little octopus thingy could possibly block out flat, and I have to say I have never man-handled a piece of knitting so much as this to get it to flatten. The trick, as for all lace, is to stick with the lines I found it useful to pin out the feather centerlines after the flower was complete, and then work the fan shapes last, releasing the feathers to make a nice inside curve as I worked my way around.

When making this piece for a gift, leave lots of time for the border. For some reason it took me much longer than I expected to get that done. Nice work, a lovely edge, and one I’ll want to repeat…

Found its home with a wonderfully smart woman who’s helped me a lot lately. Can’t wait to play with it when it’s dry before sending it off..



  Marsha wrote @

It’s absolutely beautiful! What a lovely gift–and what a lucky recipient.

  thuy wrote @

looks to be a lot bigger than 36″. speedy knitter, lovely work!

  Helena wrote @

That’s it! I’m casting it on tonight!

  jujuridl wrote @

Thanks guys. It really was fun and fast. I’m staring at my stash trying to figure out what ELSE to knit it in…

Thuy, it’s just a trick of perspective. It’s really just a yard across.., And still on my dining room table…. but I swear, Marsha, I’m going to send it out. I swear…

  rams wrote @

Lovely, lovely, lovely.

  tina wrote @

Oh heck——– I’m late in blog reading (ack)—– and I have to say that this is just gorgeous!!!!! What a beautiful gift—– you are most kind!

  Yang wrote @

It’s beautiful. Thank you. Show off.

  Barbara Marr wrote @

I found the finished picture. It is lovely.

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