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Hudson Bay Blankets X Zimmerman

Here’s the bug currently up my nose….

Hudson Bay Point Blankets

If you live anywhere in the vicinity of the Great Lakes or Great Plains or Canada, these blankets are familiar as family.

And I’m especially in love with the Capots or Capotes, coats made from these blankets. Here’s how to make a capote if you’ve always wanted one.

What I’m thinking is, these blanket aesthetics would work really, really, really well with a lot of Zimmerman garter stitch designs. Certainly the Tomten is an ideal blanket coat pattern, if you wanted to knit your blanket rather than sew it. The BSJ would look pretty great with the Hudson Bay blanket colorways, yes?

I’ve got three projects in my head that will be informed by this idea. A whole tomten coat for me, the Meg Swansen vest I pored over and plotted at camp for DH, and an endless stream of BSJs, in blanket stripes.

The Swansen vest is cast on in the amazing icelandic wool from Schoolhouse Press.

My tomten and the BSJs will be an exercise in stash burning of a lot of old Galway.

Am going to do some figurin’ and then cast that one on today while I Knit In Public at my LYS, Lizzie Ann’s. I’ll be there mid-morning, tea in hand. We’ll take over the sidewalk. Bring your knitting and a folding chair!

A few FOs to show off soon, believe it or not…