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Koigu Pinkie Blankie Scarf

Koigu Pinkie Blankie Scarf

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Okay here’s one FO, sister Carrie’s Koigu KPPPM Pinkie Blankie scarf. Used the Pinkie Blankie pattern, and just kept going for four skeins to make a 14-inch wide, 6-foot long drapey lovely scarf that picks out the gold flecks in her eyeballs. Very nice simple lace project. Good Koigu fix. Pinkie blankie pattern is here.


Knitting out

Knit night at the local coffee shop. We were few. But we were dedicated. Loey dressed to match her project. Shhh! She is counting!!!


I didn’t have my bionic ear in, but I swear to you she said she once made a yellow velour bathing suit. She called it a “two piece.” And it didn’t do well when it got wet.

I knitted enough on a little blanket project to realize it wasn’t working. That I needed to go fish around for a different yarn and try again.

Very much need to do a catch up on various projects, and to find all my photos, which are scattered. This weekend, I swear.

Phone post

Trying out the iPhone WordPress app. For emergency knitting posts as they come up, and lord knows they do come up… this will include a random photo from my phone, apropos of nothing at all…