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Koigu Pinkie Blankie Scarf

Koigu Pinkie Blankie Scarf

Originally uploaded by jujuridl

Okay here’s one FO, sister Carrie’s Koigu KPPPM Pinkie Blankie scarf. Used the Pinkie Blankie pattern, and just kept going for four skeins to make a 14-inch wide, 6-foot long drapey lovely scarf that picks out the gold flecks in her eyeballs. Very nice simple lace project. Good Koigu fix. Pinkie blankie pattern is here.



[…] lately.  It could be my neverending Pi Shawl, or maybe it’s just gorgeous patterns like the Koigu Pinkie Blankie Scarf by Knittingjuju.  The pattern is a 12-stitch 10-row repeat with a garter stitch border.  By […]

  vickiknit wrote @

This is a beautiful pattern! I really like the variety of ways it can be used.

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