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So not working

Took a great sockitechture class with Cat Bordhi, a wonderful experience I recommend to anyone. And while she offers up a wildly generous formula for making up your own socks as you go a
along, and encourages you to just go, take risks, still it seems that not all ideas are good ones..

The slip stitch rib in the center? Ooooooogly.

Ribbit, ribbit…..


Peacefleece Tunic Update

So close…

Barb modeling

Barb modeling

Here is Barb modeling the Peacefleece Tunic. It’s come a long way from its beginning... which was just a bunch of yarn in my stash and a sketch:

Peacefleece sketch

Peacefleece sketch

Of course it’s a Zimmerman yoke sweater with lots of modifications. I am not happy with the neckline, which I’ll rip back, bring in more closely, and work up the standing collar in a color pattern, as I had envisioned it. It’ll be a bit tricky to work those patterns, but I’ll figure something out.

Once again, I’ve knit the hems, and everyone at my knitting sleepover likes the idea of the brown rolls showing rather than stitching the hems back. We’ll see.

Here my friend Barb is modeling the thing, because, my hips are not the same size as they were when I started this sweater. That’s a problem. I’ve contemplated steeking slits into the sides, etc., but it looks so great on Barb, that I’m thinking I’ll take the Zimmerman high road here… This tunic fits her the way it was supposed to fit SOMEBODY… right? So maybe it’s Barb’s.

On the other hand, I’m redoubling my intention to meet my goal of getting in the pool every morning….

Let’s see how long it takes me to make that neckline look the way it should… If you have any brilliant ideas for this project, I’d love to hear them!

Pinkie News

Hi there folks. Thought I’d better mention that Pinkie Blankie is now available for download from Ravelry, where you can cue it up and see, at this count, around 20 or so of them being worked up in lots of gauges and ways by fellow Ravelers.

Pinkie Blankie on Ravelry

The dear ones at Lime n Violet featured Pinkie on their Chum blog today. An honor! To prepare for this, I did a photo shoot of the scarf, getting much better pics, but especially one with a willing and docile model…

Pinkie Blankie on Charlie

Pinkie Blankie on Charlie

He’s expensive, but worth it, don’t you think?

Yes, you’re right, I’ve been lagging

Not in my knitting, mind you. I’ve been knitting. Not in a finishing mode much lately. However, I’m destined for a knitting sleepover with buddies at the end of the week, and have finishing on my mind for a couple of projects there. Depends on the ratio of silliness:knitting. We’ll see.

Meantime, though, babies have been happening, and garter stitch very much in the air, thanks to garter mojo oozing from northern Wisconsin and Brooklyn. Smacking me upside my head from both directions.

So a couple of these:

BSJ in handspun for baby Michael

BSJ in handspun for baby Michael

BSJ for the next baby

BSJ for the next baby

And that led me quite naturally to get started on that Meg Swansen vest that Jack claimed from the sweater room at Schoolhouse Press.

I can’t tell you how many sweater patterns and vest patterns I’ve dangled in front of that man, how many discussions about what woolen garments he will and will not wear, but nothing could quite prepare me for his falling in love with this:

Megs Vest on Blurry Jack

Meg's Vest on Blurry Jack

Megs Vest Back

Meg's Vest Back

Now, of course… he’s not a frog guy. And he does like his more sedate colors, and so here’s where we are so far….

Megs Vest in Jacks Colors

Meg's Vest in Jack's Colors

It’s a kissing cousin to the BSJ, a friendly little knit, starting with the cast on that runs down the fronts of the vest from armpit-height around the back, mitering up the front of the vests until you complete the fronts to the side of the body, then knitting back and forth the way you would a Zimmerman saddle to knit up the back to the armpit. Then you work strictly on the back until you get to the back of the neck, work the fronts down from the back of the neck, working some cute short rows to make those nice cuppy shoulders, and join back at the front with a three-needle bind off. Icord for about four years around the entire outside. We will not include frogs.

He sees this as the perfect around-the-house deep winter warmer upper. No sleeves is the part that makes him happy. And there’s a definite Robert Bly kind of pull my old hippie has to this garment. No doubt about that.

Knitting it up in two plies of the magical Unspun Icelandic that Schoolhouse Press sells. This stuff is really wonderful to work with. I’m dying to finish it so I can tackle some single-ply projects. I can see myself getting a lot done in this wool.

The pattern? It’s scratched on notes from my class in Marshfield, and not mine to share anyway. But if you’re interested, all you really have to do is whine enough to the folks at Schoolhouse, and I’m sure a pattern will surface somehow.

Happy work

Got a happy piece of work to dig into today, working from home, where the woods are fresh after a hard rain.

Buy a meter

Hey friends. This grabbed me today. Check it out and spread it around if it touches you, too?