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Pinkie News

Hi there folks. Thought I’d better mention that Pinkie Blankie is now available for download from Ravelry, where you can cue it up and see, at this count, around 20 or so of them being worked up in lots of gauges and ways by fellow Ravelers.

Pinkie Blankie on Ravelry

The dear ones at Lime n Violet featured Pinkie on their Chum blog today. An honor! To prepare for this, I did a photo shoot of the scarf, getting much better pics, but especially one with a willing and docile model…

Pinkie Blankie on Charlie

Pinkie Blankie on Charlie

He’s expensive, but worth it, don’t you think?


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  tina wrote @

Well you know I’m standing here in the middle of the good old US of A applauding wildly! I’m so boogerin’ far behind on blog reads and podcast listens that this piece of fabulous knitting history had plumb passed me by and I apologize for it!

As far as digging the charts and graduating to charting software, now I think you are just talkin’ crazy girl!!!

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