Julie knits and writes and knits.

So not working

Took a great sockitechture class with Cat Bordhi, a wonderful experience I recommend to anyone. And while she offers up a wildly generous formula for making up your own socks as you go a
along, and encourages you to just go, take risks, still it seems that not all ideas are good ones..

The slip stitch rib in the center? Ooooooogly.

Ribbit, ribbit…..



  tina wrote @

I think I am destined, at least for the short haul, to live in your shadow—–soaking up your knitadventures vicariously! 🙂

Was the class with Cat the coolest?

  Louise wrote @

You made our day at the knitshop in Tucson. Luv it.
Also, I was plugging heroically along on a failed project; your comments gave me permission to, as you say, ribit, ribit, ribit! and start your cool blankie instead. I love the story.

Keep up the good work – love your honesty!


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