Julie knits and writes and knits.

Three socks.

Two months since my last post? Really?


Actually, I’m noting today a vast number of dropped balls, and regretting every one. A good time to bury my head in some knitting….

There HAS been some knitting… I’ve taken some snaps, so I will catch up, I will. It seems to be this photography thing that stops me. BUT I’m planning to attend a workshop with the amazing Jared of BrooklynTweed in a week or so, at the amazing City Knitting in Grand Rapids, and so I’m sure I’ll come away feeling inspired to more photography, more blogging. I’m sure. (What happened to the last two months? This past year? A complete blur.)

Koigu Linen Stitch Sock

Koigu Linen Stitch Sock

Well, I have frogged and worked this sock so many times the yarn is a bit worn out. The sock itself is… fine. It’s just fine. Not spectacular, not at all the masterwork I was hoping for it to be, but a decent first attempt at playing with the new Cat Bordhi Sockitecture recipe (Do catch her class if you have a sock thang. Just do.) I quibble only with her proportion of heel flap increases. I’m a pretty high-arched human, and think really you need fewer increases there. (On this sock I made fewer.) But never mind that. The recipe is incredibly empowering for people who like to just cast on new socks, and decide later what sort of socks they are knitting. That would be me. To test the recipe, I grabbed some scrap yarn and knit some footsies. These in the leftover Quebequois from my recent hat diversion:


All the arch increases happen with those cute eyelets. Then I challenged Cat’s math with this superbulky leftover Takhi from the Pinkie Blankie adventure:

Tahki Baby Footsies

Tahki Baby Footsies

The recipe holds up fine, of course. Arch increases here are along the center front of the foot. Nice and neat. And am almost done with these Koigu babies

Koigu sock made to fit

Koigu sock made to fit

even as I eye my sock yarn stash and the feet that surround me to look for my next project. The arch increases here are all made on one side of the stockinette stripe that then wraps the foot, climbs the ankle, and joins the 4×2 rib at the top.

Toe-up Whirlpool Toe

Toe-up Whirlpool Toe

Sexy little toe-up toe, yeah? Fun stuff, Bordhi’s recipes. I recommend. Very good for custom-sizing for difficult-to-fit-feet.


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