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Pattern Links for the Holidays

Hi folks. A buddy told me she didn’t know I had my patterns available on the blog. And I realize that I haven’t made that obvious… So maybe I’ve fixed it.

I Just added an easy set of links (see right) for finding my “patterns” quickly. (Those sad quotes refer to the entirely unprofessional nature of my project notes — I swear I’ll take a pattern writing class one of these days– but there are charts too! They can be helpful!).

On Ravelry, where it’s fun to track such things, Pinkie Blankie is beating out the long-standing favorite, Jollyfish Hat for knitters taking the projects on, with Stitch Keepers rising.

Pinkie Blankie:
Jollyfish Hat:
DPN Stitch Keepers:
Peace Cuffs:
Latvian Mitts:
(This one surprises me — favorited a lot and in queues, but no mitts yet… hmmm… chart problems?)


Mr. Tweed

brooklyn tweed demonstrating button band

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I’ve known him as b r o o k l y n t w e e d for so much longer than I’ve known him as Jared Flood, that I kind of just want to call him Mr. Tweed.

I had classes with Mr. Tweed at City Knitting today. Supposed to be my second day of study, but my brain wouldn’t comply yesterday.

(Say, if you’re a migraineur too, you really ought to grab a copy of The Migraine Brain. Just when you thought you knew everything about them — along comes a whole new line of thinking. Helpful.)

And though I THOUGHT I was ready for class, it seems I grabbed everything but my camera, and so all of my photos from the class are icky, sickly phone pics. So sorry about that.

Learned very good things that ought to come in handy finishing some projects and especially starting new ones. Gad, I’m so ready to get another big sweater project going, you have no idea.

Mr Tweed is exactly as smart and helpful and generous and funny as he is cracked up to be. Maybe more. If you get the chance to study under him, just take it!

Hey, between classtimes, I finished Shoddy! There I was, all by myself as I stitched down the last hem stitch, grinning like an idiot, and a little weepy. Like finishing a great novel. I hate to be done with it. Now I have to work up the guts to block it, and then hand it over to my daughter. A photo session when I do, and you’ll see it. It worked!

Cat Bordhi is MAKING me start another project

I’m thrilled about Obama, and also about McCain’s speech last night. It is time for healing.

Cat Bordhi  shared this through the City Knitting (one of my LYS’s) newsletter, and now I’m sharing it with you, and you can see, can’t you, how I had to cast on another project? HAD TO:

Heal the Election Wounds and Embrace Humanity with a Moebius

By Cat Bordhi

I awoke this morning realizing that publicly knitting a beautiful Moebius scarf as I begin to float (I live on an island), drive, and fly toward Stitches East on Tuesday would be a beautiful and profound public expression of my hopes and dreams for the world, as well as a symbol of the healing that our country will need after the election.

If you want to follow along, I recently made a Youtube video which will clearly teach you how to knit a Moebius whether you have my books or not.

Here’s the link:

So – here is why the Moebius is a perfect expression of the best of humanity, and the healing of the fractured country and world that I trust is coming:

1. The Moebius *appears* to have two surfaces and two edges – ie, polarities such as black and white, right and wrong, good and bad, Republican and Democrat – but when you follow the surface around you will run right into your starting point without ever having changed to the other “side.” For there isn’t one. Everything flows into itself.

Polarities are an illusion. What lies beneath the apparent polarities is oneness, beauty, and grace. In a Moebius you can see it, hold it, be awed by it. Once the frenzy dies down, hopefully those with
opposing views will slowly rediscover their common humanity.

2. Like the surface that flows into itself, so too does the Moebius’s single continuous edge – thus everything is recycled. In fact, I would not be the least bit surprised if the ultimate alternative energy involves a Moebius form or dynamic. By the way, the recycling symbols (2 are in common usage, one with a single twist, the other with 3) you see everywhere are actually Moebii (too hard to say Moebiuses – try it!). I think we are all hoping for significant and effective new discoveries in alternative energy – and the Moebius would be a great
symbol for this global effort.

3. Once you complete the first ring (it takes 2 rings to make a round – watch the video) of your Moebius, you are in for smooth and happy sailing. All you have to do is to knit the stitch in front of you, then the next stitch in front of you, with not a care in the world for what came before or what has shifted into the “future”. You’ll look at the mysterious shape on your needles and wonder how “those stitches”
can ever come to you . . . well, they will, without your needing to understand how. And they will all come in perfect sequence, resulting in a beautiful and graceful Moebius. The Moebius rewards your faith in
its mystery with the easiest knitting you will ever do. And the result is always graceful – for this is the very nature of the Moebius. You can knit along while you watch the election results, while walking,
while standing in line at the store, wherever you may find yourself during these days to come. You will be knitting the graceful healing and ease that I believe is flowing toward us, requiring only of us
that we stay true to the powerful sense of loving kindness that resides in the center of every person. No one could ever possibly understand enough to make the healing happen, but if we all just knit
the stitch before us, as they come, marveling at the innocence and sweetness of it all, with our oh so familiar continuous strand of yarn, the healing will happen. We need not understand either one fully – the Moebius or the world. They both operate with inherent grace.

4. I looked through my stash and chose a luminous yarn in deep watery colors from Blue Moon Fiber Arts – LSS (Luscious Single Silk), and did not realize until I looked at the label that the colorway is
absolutely apropos: Lunasea. Tina no doubt named the colorway after the moon and the sea – and after lunacy. So let the lunacy of the election months give way to Lunasea – the grace of the moon, the sea,
the Moebius, and the beautiful heart of humanity, of all people, the “us” and “them” who merge into one. I shall be winding the skein on the ferry tomorrow, then knitting all the way to Baltimore. I hope to
see many, many of you there.

With love from Cat Bordhi

Note: If you alternate sets of knit and purl rounds, you will have purl ridges all around. Then your Moebius will not curl along the edges when you are done.