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iPhone Mitts


Michigan iPhone and iTouch user-tested mitten. It works.

iPhone and iTouch Michigan-user-tested mitten. It works.

Time to catch up on the secret holiday knitting, but first this: A new pattern!

Super uber-simple mitts for using sock yarn that’s too pretty to put on your feet.

These are designed to answer the problems we cold-climate-dwellers have with using our electronic gizmos (in my case an iPhone) in the winter. iPhones work through naked fingertips, and not at all if you are bemittened or begloved. (Yes, Apple is getting ready to release a glove with electro-conductive fingertips, but who wants to wear technogloves when we could be wearing some Koigu or Lorna’s Laces or Socks-that-Rock, or your own hand-painted, hand-spun, hand-dyed wonderfulness on your hands?

Well, not US, anyway.)

So here are mitts that will cover your fingertips when the weather is the way the weather is now in Michigan. And uncover for most of the time while still keeping you hugged and snugged and warm.

I’ve been test-driving these guys all winter, and they’re great in 2×2 ribbing — the most elastic rib of all. Boring, yes, but don’t you sometimes need a boring project? Sometimes? Kind of?

Haven’t tried these in a bigger yarn yet, but that’s coming. Or, you go first, and tell me about it?

The nice thing about this simple tube is that when you walk into a store and need your hands, you can pull in your thumbs, and just scrunch these right up onto your wrists. No more losing your mittens in the bottom of your purse at the grocery store!

Many of you won’t need a pattern for these. But for those of you who like having them, or want the schematic so you can riff. Download your iphone-mitts-pattern here.

March, 2009 Note: Pattern tweaks for a worsted-weight version available here.


  Taylor wrote @


  jujuridl wrote @

Aw, thanks, Taylor!

  jujuridl wrote @

A fisher-friend of the fly-rod variety is thinking these mitts would be good for his sport. I think fly-tying and knitting are practically the same sport. He should learn, yes?

  Jadielady wrote @

Very awesome, I will cast on a pair for my fiance soon!

  iPhone Mitts: The Worsted « knittingjuju wrote @

[…] Free patterns, Knit, mittens and tagged: iPhone mittens noro worsted freepattern knit The iPhone Mitts are proving to be such simple, useful hand warmth delivery systems, that I succumbed to pressure to […]

[…] new project I started this weekend is a pair of iPhone Mitts with last month’s Vesper sock club shipment “Summer Breeze (Makes Me Feel Fine).” […]

  theresa wrote @

as a lover of fingerless gloves, but a hater of cold fingertips/regular mittens & gloves, i find your pattern absolutely perfect. i’ve just finished my first one- will begin other hand tomorrow (and will resist the urge to just wear the one). this was my very first project with DPNs. thanks for the great pattern!

  Stacy wrote @

Wow, these are so much better than the ones that have half fingers and mitten flaps, which I loved until now! I can probably even knit these (since I am not a very complex knitter). Now to find the time…

  Knit Knit Knit « NothingButKnit wrote @

[…] Even though I haven’t been posting much I have been knitting. The other day I finished the iPhone Mitts and they turned out better than I had hoped. The yarn is Socks That Rock in the Puck’s […]

  25 Lovely Mittens To Make: {Free Patterns} : wrote @

[…] iPhone Mitts: The nice thing about this simple tube is that when you walk into a store and need your hands, you can pull in your thumbs, and just scrunch these right up onto your wrists. No more losing your mittens in the bottom of your purse at the grocery store! Pattern download available via pdf. […]

  Christine wrote @

I love these and am working on a pair for my teenage nephew just now. Thanks so much for the pattern. Great for cold Canadian winters. Just wondering what type of M1 you recommend for the gusset.

  jujuridl wrote @

Oh, Just catching up with comments… How did these go over? Or have you finished? Love to see finished projects at Ravelry, if you play there.

  Christine wrote @

Our nephew loved them. I am on Ravelry as Shivaji and this project is called “mtz 4 txtn”. Finished in Nov 2011. Julie, i’d still like to know what kind of M1 you recommend for the gusset. Thanks.

  Tamara Kater wrote @

It took me a year (stop/start) but I just finished a pair of these mitts for my boyfriend. Thanks so much for the pattern. I was so happy with it (and finishing) that I posted it to Reddit (r/knitting).

  jujuridl wrote @

Oh, I understand starting and stopping! I’ve had a pair of these on the needles for more than two years. I have no idea why. I love the yarn. Just knitting bigger stuff these days.

  Tess wrote @

Like all the best ideas; simple but effective. I get very cold and spend some winters wearing fingerless gloves, wristwarmers and mitts over the top, and I left my overmitts on a bus in Dublin on my honeymoon last year… so I’m knitting a new pair and these look perfect. I have lots of bits of Regia and Opal left over so I’m knitting them in two-inch sections of 14 different sock yarns so they should look wonderfully mad!

  jujuridl wrote @

Okay, I really hope to see these when you are done. Are you on Ravelry? If so, I hope you post a pic!

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