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A great many pins…

Holy picot. It took a good chunk of the afternoon just to pin Girasole out after finally finding enough floor for the job!

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  tina wrote @

Gorgeous! One of my knitter night people is knitting that, daunting, just daunting.

  jujuridl wrote @

Thanks, Tina!

My experience was that it LOOKs a lot more daunting than it really is. You’re only knitting one row at a time, and each row makes perfect sense, so long as you’re really looking at your knitting. Every other row is pure mindless knitting. (Many of the rows are more than 600 stitches, so that’s a lot!) It does take a while to complete, especially those darn picots at the end. So worth it! I’ll definitely do this one again, in a fine gauge, to make a shawl, I think!

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