Julie knits and writes and knits.


Well, I never wanted a knitting blog. There are so many wonderful ones, who can keep up? And my knitting is not startling. There are plenty of remarkable knitters out there doing much more to further the craft. I cant keep up with them all. And I have kept a blog for a long time, and know that it’s hard work. But then the Walker Treasury Project came along, and I just had to contribute. Which meant signing up for a WordPress account… And, well, I was here anyway… And I would like to post free patterns when I make them, which isn’t often. And then there is the little matter of knitalongs….

It’s hard to be a knitsib and not have a blog, right? So here I am now. Not promising loads of updates, but promising to contribute more than I have in the past.

I am faster at posting my projects at Flickr.

Am a relatively new knitter. Started up seriously only when my mom got sick. It was a good way to keep from going mad then, and a good way to be productive when I miss her now. Which is often. So knitting for a couple of years now. Learning lots.

As addictions go, it’s not half bad.



  TECHknitter wrote @

Hello Julie–Thanks for your comment on my blog–which led me to your blog–which led me to admire your pirate fish pattern, which leads me to ask whether I can use that pattern for a tutorial on how to make L-O-N-G floats. (Naturally, I would credit you with the pattern–and link to your blog so others could download it directly from you.) Hope to hear from you…

  rams wrote @

Julie — Imagine my [insomniac] surprise! Checking Rappleye’s blog I saw your comment, with knitting and Ridl in the same sentence; came here (wondering if you read Yarn Harlot) and found the rose quartz post. (She was one of the last Athena author appearances) Fun to find you knitting — great minds. Hope you’re well.

  rams wrote @

In re: Harlot’s company

You are so smart. And so right.
(I can’t wait to see how she spins it.)


  rams wrote @

In re: “rigor mortis”/”Delores” — bless you. I was working on “frigging tortoise” but dropped it when I saw someone else had worked that vein.

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