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Oh Dang…

Check out this work Then call in sick, ransack the stash, find your hooks, and try, try, try….


Red Scarf Week at Lizzie Ann’s Wool Co.

Knitting pal Avril told me about this:

I’m so there Tuesday night, crochet hook and stash bag in hand. My goal will be to make a whole scarf in one evening. and a good-and-wacky one, too. Hence the hook.  But they’re taking scarf donations all week long. Drop one off whenever.

Still, I hope to see some buddies there…

Much more evidence

This entry on today’s CRAFT blog provides much more evidence that I need to get back to crochet. I take exception with the idea that Bjork’s swan dress was a bad idea. I adored it, and this.

So I’m practicing with this little headwrap, and thinking of good ways to combine these crafts. I see it coming. Working on a little headband now to try to get my crochet mojo back…

Irish Lace Headband in progress