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On a big Zimmerman Ganomy kick. Figured out a scheme for any size ganomy with any yarn.

Here’s how you do it: First read Knitting Without Tears. Fall in love with Zimmerman and her kin. Next get Knitters’ Almanac, and make your first Ganomy following the instructions as written.

When you want a bigger one or a smaller one, or want to work it in fingering or sport or worsted, follow this scheme:

Measure head, tape from forehead to front of ears, then behind head.

Inches x gauge=A

K1, m1, kC, k2tog, SSK, kD, m1, k2, m1, kD, k2tog, SSK, kC, m1, k1

I haven’t worked out a scheme for when to stop the increases yet. Just sticking with Zimmerman’s instructions for that, but if you have ideas, please share. I want to make a newborn version out of alpaca next… Maybe a bit of math will occur to me…

Just did…. Stop front increases at 20% circumference, and back increases at 30% circumference… ?? Holler if your mileage varies…

My favorite Ganome:



Bad Blogger catching up

Bad blogger, bad blogger, bad blogger. I won’t make excuses. There has been knitting. Plenty. And I’ve been *thinking* of making a record of it. But it takes having pressing deadlines at work and a looming income tax deadline to really give me the procrastinator’s push to spend my time blogging about knitting instead of meeting deadlines. Makes sense, right?

So a fast roundup of progress shots, many of them fuzzy, and then I swear I’m going to post about the adorable twins and their tomtens. Soon, soon.

I have too many projects going. Have had. For some time now. And so I’m determined to get them off the needles, or many of them, anyway, before I cast on this, which has been calling to me for ages now. Doesn’t help that my friend Lorilee cast one on and off in about a minute and a half last month. Still, it’s going to be so good. I know it. A good reward for finishing some stuff. So it’ll have to wait.

I finished these socks, which still strike me as a waste of Koigu, but I never worked up the gumption to frog them and do something more Koigu-worthy. They are comfortable, and handmade, and mine. And off the needles.

Started and finished ANOTHER zeebee one evening when I was feeling put out about my rule of not casting anything new on until I finished other things. Sorry for the fuzz photo. The yarn is a scrumptions hand-spun collected during a Hello Yarn spree awhile back. Take my word for its beauty. The sort of yarn you can fall into, get lost in.

Another project I started after vowing, profoundly, not to start another, is a new take on my ipod mittens, which I now think of as iPhone mittens (hee!), this time with a gussetted thumb and the prettiest Regia sock yarn… again a fuzzy mess of a photo, but a better photo shoot is coming…

Here’s a project I started BEFORE the boycott. It’s the Vogue anniversary scarf by Nicki Epstein, which I thought would be a challenge for me, but turns out to be so darn easy it’s deadly dull. This is meeting knitting, but not quite mindless enough to be TV knitting. And I knit in so few meetings that… it’s taking awhile…

Now here’s some juice, though, on three projects I’ve designed and feel enough love for that they’re taking too long just because I spend a fair amount of time just petting them…

Here is Shoddy, my daughter’s mohair t-shirt. Nearly done. We need to decide how to treat the neckline, whether to keep the funnel I’ve knitted or cut it down into a scoop, or go bateau, or what. Mohair will let you decide. Here’s the Shoddy Flickr set that will let you see the work in progress…

I started this little guy a good while ago to see how I felt about Fair Isle in a more traditional Shetland wool… Also to play with my new Cochenille software. I feel good about both. Quite good. We’re nearly close on this. A bit under motivated, because I’ll miss it when it’s gone, and because the little man it was intended for has outgrown it. Sigh. Flickr set here.

And the Peacefleece Tunic has been seriously languishing, but I have no idea why. Why? I suspect it’s because of the little vest. I like working color at that smaller gauge a whole lot better than with big, clunky yarn. When the color work is done, and I can proceed with a nice mindless bunch of in-the-round knitting, I’m sure it’ll go pretty fast…

Ummm… oh, there is another scarf, er.. two, that haven’t made it under a camera’s lens… Now the question… How many of these things must I finish before getting to the Hemlock? Hmm? Anyone?


It’s that blessed day. And to celebrate, I’d like to show off a few Jollyfish Hats that have been showing up around the globe as devoted FSMrs, pastafarians, or just people who like anorectic fish prepare their vestments for the coming of his noodliness.

Germany — The first hat to surface into our view is Carola-made, and featured here before, but bears repeating, here is Piratenfischmütze on Oliver:

We worry only that this pirate may post watch one day, in which case, perhaps, oh, never mind…

IRELAND — Rosknit brings us this beautiful example from Ireland, where the seas are rough and the pirates are rougher. For her grandson:

AFRICA — The Truly amazing, we bow before her, wicked geeky geologist Rockcosy’s DOUBLEKNITTED IN THE ROUND (horror!) Version. Yes, friends, she is reversible:

How can you not love the little white star at the top? Eh?

Keep up the good work, friends. The globe’s not going to cool off without you, and when it does, you’ll be ready.

‘nother zeebee

‘nother zeebee

Oh this is a fun and squisy hat, making the most of garter stitch in soft, soft Merino with a high twist. I like it. It’s warm. It covers my ears. I can see how this could become my main hat. A little more than one skein of Tahki Baby on size 15 needles for this one. I think I’ll have a nice little neck warmer from the rest. Wish me luck with that…

Julian gets a zeebee

Bigger photo at flickr

Baby twin Julian models one of the zeebees for Daddy Dave. They like this hat for the newborn (in Koigu), because of its softness, and because it’s so stretchy/springy, it doesn’t squish baby’s ears.

Used measurements of 12 inches circumference and 4.4 inches for the length of the beanie with my swatch numbers to get these.

Specifically, then, working Koigu on size 3 needles, I cast on 28 stitches, and had 156 rows, 10 crown wraps.

If you’re in love with zeebees, as I now am, you may notice that the number of crown wraps are 1/16 of the row number… And length is whatever you want. That’s making it easier for me to do zeebees without the calculator…

But you do need Schmeebot’s wonderful pattern to get this hat under your skin. You shouldn’t miss it…

BSJs and Zeebees

BSJs and Zeebees

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Done. I had exactly enough yarn left in the two accent colors to make little bitty Zeebees — More on Zeebees in a future post. What a fun project. Will redo in bigger sizes for bigger babies in some lovely handspun I’ve snagged recently! So this is four complete skeins of Koigu…. Buttons from my Grandma’s button box.


Carola made a jollyfish hat for her son, and kindly posted this link for us to see. I like it lots, Carola. It looks good on that pirate.