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Arrgh some more!

Our old jollyfish has been honored among the scurviest of the scurvy, here:

Knittingjuju wants that booty bag. Oh yes…



It’s that blessed day. And to celebrate, I’d like to show off a few Jollyfish Hats that have been showing up around the globe as devoted FSMrs, pastafarians, or just people who like anorectic fish prepare their vestments for the coming of his noodliness.

Germany — The first hat to surface into our view is Carola-made, and featured here before, but bears repeating, here is Piratenfischmütze on Oliver:

We worry only that this pirate may post watch one day, in which case, perhaps, oh, never mind…

IRELAND — Rosknit brings us this beautiful example from Ireland, where the seas are rough and the pirates are rougher. For her grandson:

AFRICA — The Truly amazing, we bow before her, wicked geeky geologist Rockcosy’s DOUBLEKNITTED IN THE ROUND (horror!) Version. Yes, friends, she is reversible:

How can you not love the little white star at the top? Eh?

Keep up the good work, friends. The globe’s not going to cool off without you, and when it does, you’ll be ready.


Carola made a jollyfish hat for her son, and kindly posted this link for us to see. I like it lots, Carola. It looks good on that pirate.

Jollyfish hat

Jollyfish hat

John the Geologist is a full member in good standing of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM). So I made him this hat. Knit it for your favorite Pastafarian. Knit it to encourage the piracy that will stop global warming, save our planet. Give honor to His Noodliness.

Did the entire back of the hat in the same two x two checkerboard as you see in the bottom and top stripe. So the whole fish is faire isle, rather than intarsia. Lots of weaving for those long stretches. You can see some of that poke through, but after a year or so of wearing, really you don’t. This is a super-warm hat, as a result. And it doesn’t have as much stretch as most hats, so you’ll want to measure your target, swatch in two-color checkerboard, and cast on accordingly. Add checkers in back to make the hat the size you need.

Download Jollyfish knitting chart pdf file.

Note: I have provided only the chart, and should add that I made this in Dale of Norway Hauk, on size 4 needles. The hat I made is exactly 160 stitches around, and fit my target a little snugly, but he has a large melon. Sorry no actual complete hat pattern, just this chart and these hints. If I ever learn to write a proper pattern, I promise I’ll post it here, or if YOU write patterns and want to write one for this, I’d be thrilled!