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So not working

Took a great sockitechture class with Cat Bordhi, a wonderful experience I recommend to anyone. And while she offers up a wildly generous formula for making up your own socks as you go a
along, and encourages you to just go, take risks, still it seems that not all ideas are good ones..

The slip stitch rib in the center? Ooooooogly.

Ribbit, ribbit…..


Widdershins FO


I love my Tofutsie Widdershins. I knit these to fit, and kept thinking, “My, what enormous socks!” And thought I got my gauge wrong, and thought I’d miscalculated, and thought they would only fit a platypus. Then I tried them on. And they fit like, not a glove, but a well-fitting sock. Funny. The Tofutsie yarn is lovely and tweedy, but also has this very subtle tiger stripe to it. Can’t tell the colorway from the ballband, but lots of pinks.

Used the knit-off cast-off recommended for toe-up socks by Wendy. You knit two stitches in pattern, slip them to the left needle, then knit them together tbl. Knit another stitch in pattern, slip the two stitches from the right to the left needle, and knit tog tbl. Etc., all the way around. Very nice and stretchy and pretty for these two by two rib socks.

Happy Anniversary

24th Anniversary Socks

Mountain Colors Bearfoot

Size 1 needles

No pattern, knit to fit.

I drew and fussed with the stitch pattern until I got something I liked in this yarn. It’s so simple, it’s probably in one of the stitch dictionaries, or a million sock patterns, but I haven’t run into it yet. Essentially pointed stockinette blocks, whose tips overlap, right? I think I might do another pair with longer blocks. This inspired by our bath towels, which have a similar pattern.

These started out a year and a half ago as Happy Valentine socks. But it’s taken awhile to get them off the needles. It was another case of needles fighting yarn, and putting them down too long, causing the pattern to drain from my head. Not that it’s a hard stitch pattern, it most certainly isn’t, but other patterns occupied the tiny amount of pattern-remembering space in my brain, and well… But here they are, on Mr. High Arch man. Adorning his feet on the day after our 24th anniversary. I shouldn’t cover such lovely feet, but I do seem to do that a lot.

Peacock Socks


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For Carrie’s birthday. Koigu KPPPM, sigh, on Size 1’s, and the Embossed Leaves pattern from Interweave. I switched out the heel to fit Carrie’s narrow heel and short instep, but otherwise, the same sock. I knit these so fast, so in love with the yarn, and how it worked with this pattern, but loving the yarn itself. That family doesn’t just paint yarn, they make paintings on their yarn. Makes me feel a little guilty about making socks out of these paintings. Should we walk on the art? Hmm… I have given myself permission to buy Koigu whenever I see it and without guilt. It belongs in its own category, completely exempt from any rules governing your stash issues.

Monkey socks

Monkey socks

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Oh my. Monkey socks from are my first attempt at lace socks. Dang. They’re fun, easy, smart. I love these socks. Also my first time working with Interlacements Tiny Toes yarn, which has a really nice hand and twist and bounce like my beloved Koigu. The color changes are less subtle, more contrasty, and stripe more. So a different point of view and color sense than the artists at Koigu. Interesting. I don’t think I like it quite so much as I do Koigu, but it’s fun, and feels much the same. I’ll make a lot of Monkeys in lots of kinds of yarn, I’m sure. Not only are they interesting to look at, but this lace pattern is nearly cably in its desire to hug your ankle. I think I’d avoid blocking them. We’ll see how they wash. I went down a needle size to work these in size 1’s to fit my size 9 foot and rather thickish ankles.

Embossed Leaves socks

Embossed Leaves socks

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Carrie’s birthday socks. Lovely Koigu KPPPM. Again, yes, the Embossed Leaves socks from Interweave Knits Winter 2005 would look best in a solid color yarn. I get that, and will repeat these socks in a solid color soon because THEY ARE FUN to knit. I’ve deepened the heel for my Sis. And am just loving the Koigu, because I love Koigu best of all. I love the painted, I love the solids, I love it all. I hope they are never bored with their art. Catch the article about them in the latest Vogue Knitting

Ellen’s Half Pint Farm cable socks

Ellen’s Half Pint Farm cable socks

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More green socks? Yeah. I’m afraid that’ll be a theme. I fell in love with all of Ellen’s Half Pint Farm’s yarns at the Stitches Camp this past Spring. I ordered a boatload of it, and bought a couple of skeins of this superwash just to tide me over. She has an amazing eye and color sense, and was teaching the dying class at the camp. The only thing yummier than working with this yarn is wearing it on my feet, which, is just a bit too pleasurable for polite company. I have to remember to wear these socks only in private.