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On a big Zimmerman Ganomy kick. Figured out a scheme for any size ganomy with any yarn.

Here’s how you do it: First read Knitting Without Tears. Fall in love with Zimmerman and her kin. Next get Knitters’ Almanac, and make your first Ganomy following the instructions as written.

When you want a bigger one or a smaller one, or want to work it in fingering or sport or worsted, follow this scheme:

Measure head, tape from forehead to front of ears, then behind head.

Inches x gauge=A

K1, m1, kC, k2tog, SSK, kD, m1, k2, m1, kD, k2tog, SSK, kC, m1, k1

I haven’t worked out a scheme for when to stop the increases yet. Just sticking with Zimmerman’s instructions for that, but if you have ideas, please share. I want to make a newborn version out of alpaca next… Maybe a bit of math will occur to me…

Just did…. Stop front increases at 20% circumference, and back increases at 30% circumference… ?? Holler if your mileage varies…

My favorite Ganome: